About Us

We are first-generation farmers raising pastured meats in Athens, Ohio. Together with our customers, we are inching our way towards the vision we have for this piece of land, for the revitalization of family farms, and for a future in which we bring our society into equilibrium with the natural world. 

Molly Sowash - While living in Minnesota during and after college, Molly worked on urban and rural farms, as well as taught in the public schools as a food educator. But the prospect of moving home and raising food on her family’s land in Athens was the first time she’d considered spearheading her own farming endeavors. In March 2020 she took the plunge and purchased eight Lowline Angus calves. Over their two years on the farm, they taught her so much.

CJ Morgan - 
CJ grew up in northeast Ohio surrounded by farm country where he spent 8 years in 4H and worked on farms through high school. He moved to Athens for college and then spent 3 years managing Melody Holler Dairy Farm, where he learned the ins and outs of management intensive grazing. After spending a few years out west with the Forest Service, CJ returned to southeast Ohio with intentions of buying a piece of land and homesteading. This dream became a reality when he met Molly and she wooed him with her cattle.

Family - 
We could not do any of this without the support of our family. Molly’s parents, sister and brother-in-law help us regularly to haul water, break ice, move cows, unload bales, fix fences, and kick off the muck boots for a well-deserved break.