Launching Into Full-Time Farming

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MoSo Farm

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April 26, 2024

Dear friends and followers,

We are thrilled to share that CJ has transitioned into farming full-time here at MoSo Farm! He’ll be working round-the-clock to scale up the business by expanding our beef and pork enterprises, as well as implementing big infrastructure projects in this and the coming years. Until now, CJ and Molly have both been working day jobs on top of starting and growing the farm. And over the last year, we have felt our growth has been most limited by time. Or rather, lack thereof.  

More importantly, CJ has wanted to farm for most of his life since his first job picking green beans for the produce farm down the road. Beyond this being a smart decision for our business, this is an incredible opportunity for CJ to do the work that he finds most meaningful in this world.

CJ shared the following reflections on social media on Monday…

“Today is my first day at my new job! I am officially a full time farmer, rancher, and entrepreneur. I’ve worked in-between the wildlife biology, forestry, and agriculture fields for the last decade or more. I’ve bounced around the country living in tents, my car, bunkhouses, and boats from Alaska to Ohio. I went to college twice and learned how to regeneratively graze dairy cattle somewhere in-between classes. I spent my childhood and teen years baling hay, planting beans, and fixing tractors at Rodenbucher Farms in Randolph, OH which is probably why I’m a farmer today. Now I’m in a place I never want to leave.

I am so grateful for my privilege to steward and care for this land along with my wife Molly Sowash. I’m able to use all my skills acquired over the last decade while continually being humbled by the challenges of running a farm business. It wasn’t easy to leave the security of a steady paycheck from a national forest that I enjoyed working at but there’s nothing else I’d rather do for a living. Thanks everyone, especially my parents and in-laws, for supporting me. Today is a good day.”

So raise a glass to this new chapter! And come give him a high five at our monthly meat pickups next week, at the Athens Farmers Market each Saturday starting on May 11th, or around town.

Molly & CJ

CJ at the Portage County Fair in high school showing pigs.
CJ with our piglets last spring.

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